RH Gallery at Jacksonville

Project Description

RH Jacksonville, a high-end home furnishing gallery, features 48,431 square feet of lavish architecture including a glass-encased rooftop restaurant, conference rooms, and garden terrace. Strong Tower and Hope’s Windows Inc., the largest steel window manufacturer in the world, joined efforts on this stunning project in Jacksonville, FL.

The steel windows, supplied by Hope’s Window’s, Inc., were installed by Strong Tower. Following 576 muntin’s were meticulously adhered to the exterior and interior face of the glass and caulked allowing the single glass lite to look divided. Doors and additional storefront framing, supplied by Hope’s, were field glazed and installed by Strong Tower as well. Bi-folding doors, as large as twenty panels each, were installed in various locations and as well, along the entire perimeter of the rooftop restaurant. The restaurant was covered with a glass skylight structure.

The mirror package included antiqued heat strengthened mirrors placed overhead on the ceiling. Three oversized individual mirrors were stacked together creating a focal point measuring 24 feet tall. This beautiful display was crowned with an arched design.

Layered laminated glass made up of Ultraclear heat strength SN68 and Ultraclear heat strengthened IS 20 can be seen throughout the building.

Quick Stats
RH Architecture & Design
Jacksonville, FL
RH Architecture & Design
General Contractor
Hardman Glazing Management, LLC
Oldcastle Building Envelope
Coastal Construction Products
England-Thims & Miller, Inc.
Interior Glass and Mirrors
New Construction
Private Industry

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