Dale B.

Resident at Carlyle Condominiums
Dear General Manager, I want to thank you again for your cooperation with my unique circumstances relative to the work that had to be done to replace the windows & doors in my home. I also want to commend the construction crew from Strong Tower for not only the work that they performed but also the manner in which they performed the work. The Strong Tower crew timely arrived on Monday morning, & immediately covered my furniture & floors before they began their work. They complied with my request to only work on the North windows & doors, as I stayed in my East-facing room, with my cats, while I was working on my computer. As I was told, by the end of the workday on Monday, the North windows & doors were installed. On Tuesday, I placed my cats in my master bedroom, while I did work on my computer, the East window work was completed. The master bedroom door was closed as the Koch crew member that finished the window in that room, kept the door closed while he entered and exited throughout the day. I also want to state that the upgrade in the windows and the doors is immediately noticeable. Having resided at the Carlyle for over 20 years, this addition to my home is greatly appreciated. I will be happy to relate this to any owners and residents. While the actual work to remove and replace the windows and doors is an inconvenience, it is certainly worthwhile. Lastly, I must commend the Strong Tower work crew. They were very professional in their approach to coming into someone's home and performing the disrupting, noisy work they were required to do. Their work product is exceptional, and they were quite affable in their interactions with me. They even took extra care relative to my cats. The Strong Tower Field Superintendent should be commended, along with his entire crew. Thank you again for your cooperation, and thank you to the Strong Tower Crew. Dale B.

Timothy Barrett

Director University of Iowa Center for the Book
Strong Tower: Gentlemen, This message takes the form of a long overdue note of thanks and appreciation. The end result of this window replacement and restroom renovation project has been a major improvement in our windows, building warmth in the winter and cooling during the summer, noise reduction, and restroom use experience. The work done by your artisans was skillfully executed and my students, staff and faculty would appreciate it if you would let all of them know our enjoyment of our offices and teaching spaces has vastly improved as a result of their craftsmanship. Most sincerely, Timothy Barrett, Director UI Center for the Book University of Iowa

D.E. Bottoroff

Rear Admiral, CEC, U.S. Navy
This testimonial really reflects our mission to serve our customer with excellence: “It is with great pleasure that I award Strong Tower the Commander, Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Certificate of Commendation. Your firm demonstrated superior workmanship and management expertise during the replacement of windows in various building at the Marine Corps Combat Development, Command, Quantico, Virginia. By your aggressive management of the contract schedule, you were able to effectively mitigate the effect of several modifications to the contract, completing the work three months ahead of the completion date. Your staff completed demolition and replacement of windows within the day which minimized the impact on base personnel. The outstanding manner in whichStrong Tower performed on this important project reflects great credit upon your entire organization. Your outstanding contributions to the United States Navy are commended.”

Inspection Report

Franklin Co., Illinois Housing Authority
“The contracted work being accomplished by Koch Corporation appears to be very well coordinated and carried out. The windows being installed appear to be of a very high quality in fit and finish and should provide many years of satisfactory service. The job site is completely free of any debris and continually monitored for cleanliness by the contractor. This contractor could and should be considered and rated as an outstanding performing contractor.”

George J. White

P.E. Chief Engineering Services, V.A. Medical Center Salisbury, N.C.
“This office would like to commend the project superintendent… and his crew for their performance of the window replacement. All work was performed in a skillful and workmanlike manner with minimum interference to the normal routine of the Medical Center. The nursing staff has remarked about the consideration that the crew showed for the patients and for the staff. The Building Management Staff has commended the crew for the cleanliness of the operation. The replacement of Phase I windows was substantially complete 11 weeks before the completion date of the contract. … Thank you for a job well done.”

Geoffrey Grimes

Architect, Lawther Hall Window Replacement, University of Northern Iowa
“This contractor was, perhaps, the most professional window installation firm I have worked with in my twenty-six years in this business. Under less than ideal circumstances, not of the contractor’s making, this project could have become a disaster for all involved. Instead, with the dedication and professionalism of the Strong Tower, from management to on-site labor, the project ended up as an outstanding project for everyone, especially the owner. It seems to me that the construction industry has had a change of complexion in the last few years, centered on massive distrust of all entities on construction projects. I think the current fad toward partnering is an attempt to offset that direction. But, the reality is that we need more owners, architects and contractors who are dedicated to quality products and quality service and expect that everyone will make the effort to provide their best to the project. Strong Tower is one of those with whom this concept is in place. I commend them highly to you in whatever project they undertake.”

David J. Anthone

Leed AP Regional Chief Architect GSA Northeast and Carribean Region
“I wanted to convey to you and your team praise by the Puerto Rico Historic Preservation Office. During my recent meeting with PRSHPO at their offices in Old San Juan this past August, Santiago Gala, architect with the PRSHPO, gave great compliment to the replacement windows at the Degetua + Nazario complex. As you may remember, during the planning of the window-replacement project, PRSHPO was concerned about the compatibility of the replacement windows on this mid-century modern complex. You may also recall that PRSHPO had identified the Hato Rey federal complex as being a good example of post-war modernism and, as such, they have taken an interest in the property. Even though the property is not old enough to list on the National Register, it is considered and “up and coming” candidate for listing so respecting the original design intent is important. Mr. Gala noted that the replacement windows are of exceptional quality and praised GSA for paying attention to detail. As the resident expert in island modernism and a strong proponent for the integration of sustainability and historic preservation, Mr. Gala’s compliment is of the highest praise. The replacement windows respect the original intent of the design AND provide a much-needed improvement to energy performance. The success of your project has helped in strengthening our working relationship between GSA and PRSHPO. It is a great example of the perfect costumer experience.”