National Glass Magazine Mentions Strong Tower in Great Glazing Article

Installing 1,569 Blast and Ballistic windows made by Wausau Windows, 1,810 miles from the home office was no small job but it wasn’t too big or too hard to rattle Strong Tower! The 7 story Federico Degetau Federal Building in San Juan Puerto Rico had 1400 windows installed with in-situ water and air tests performed throughout the project. The single story courthouse had 169 Blast/Ballistic windows installed in a fashion similar to the federal building. The biggest test to the integrity of the new windows came throughout the project, however. During the installation, Hurricane Earl, Tropical Storm Emily, Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Maria battered the San Juan area. But despite the delay such storms cause, Strong Tower was able to finish the project on time and when Hurricane Isaac hit San Juan shortly after the Koch team had finished the project, there was not a leak or any issue reported associated from the new windows.

Recently, this project was featured in the national magazine, Glass Magazine’s, E-Glass Weekly’s regular feature titled, “Great Glazing”.