Proof of Energy Efficiency with New Windows


The images above and below are thermal images of a school at which Strong Tower Construction installed energy efficient window units into the atrium roof. This thermal study validates the energy savings they gained.

Note: Yellow indicates heat loss and blue shows where there is a thermal efficiency gained. Image explanations are from left to right. In image #1, the atrium is still under construction. The heat lost is evident where the old meets new. The new glass shows significantly less heat loss. The single pane doors show the most loss in this photo. The metal frame is also a source of loss. Similar to the atrium image #1, couldn’t frame the entire atrium in the photo as the door was propped open for student arrival and was washing out the scene. There appears to be high heat loss at the upper right of the installation. Atrium image #3 is good clear photo of the entire atrium. We have two areas of heat loss at the upper center and upper right of the installation. The single pane doors are evident in the scene.


The nano-gel seems to be doing its job in image #4. Some loss at the right flashing. The single pane doors are evident in the lower right of the photo. Image #5 shows some loss at the flashing in the center of the atrium. The center is not assembled.

Hotel Staff Applauds Koch Corporation for Excellence

When Koch was asked to replace windows in the Historically Significant Hampton Inn building in Indianapolis, we sent one of our many experienced teams of installers.  These installers have a high quality work ethic and they took the task of replacing the windows seriously.  In order to keep the disruption of the flow of business to a minimum, our team finished every window completely before moving on to the next one.  This attention to detail resulted in virtually no punch list and since we wanted each room to become usable by the end of the day, this is how we did the job.  When Koch was done installing the windows, the entire staff at the Hampton Inn gave our installation crew a standing ovation as they left the building.  That is excellence that gets noticed!