Indiana Womens Prison

Koch Corporation has installed Hopes Steel Guard Series Steel Detention Windows in prisons across the US for several decades and remains a leading installer for these products with over 30 years experience. Hopes Windows has been a long standing leader in the production of detention and security windows during their 100 plus years of business. It is said that Hopes windows often outlast the buildings in which they are installed! We install even the most difficult security and detention windows despite the odd shaped openings many of the aged buildings present. Often there is an issue with asbestos and lead due to the age of the buildings but Koch is able to self-perform all abatement mitigation.

Project Description

Working under the direction of the State of Indiana Office of General Services, Koch Corporation, after winning through the public bidding process, acted as the general contractor on a renovation project at the Indiana Women’s Prison. Shaffner-Heaney window systems were placed and HM Doors were also used to complete this project. Given the fact that the Indiana Women’s Prison was established in 1873 as the first adult, female correctional facility in the country, the building needed some energy efficient correctional windows. Koch Corporation is very adept at working in medium and maximum correctional facilities (which is the classification for this particular facility), as they have specially trained and bonded crews that routinely work in detention facilities.

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Indianapolis, IN
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